Monday, April 21, 2008

The Keys to Success

There are many formulas and ideas about success, and I have found some of them to be helpful. However, I have learned 3 keys to success and contentment that never fail, and I would like to share them with you. They are simple, yet reflective.

I believe real success is not always about achieving or doing more, but it also is in learning to be content. How do we learn to be content? We learn by increasing in intellectual knowledge, and we also learn by habitual practice. It is important to practice gratitude, love, happiness, or whatever it is we want to have in our lives. That is why we encourage practice at We also provide a great deal of information to help you increase in intellectual knowledge as well. Personally, I love learning. I remember accumulating more and more knowledge, but lagging behind in putting some of it into practice. It is when I began to practice love and happiness with a new perspective, setting my priorities straight, and drawing on God's strength that my life really began to change.

Following are the 3 Keys to Success and Contentment. How we answer them will actually determine our level of success and contentment.

(1) Perspective - How do you see yourself, others, the world? The information at this link will really help you to answer this question:

(2) Priorities - What is most important to you? Great activity to help you identify your priorities:

(3) Source of Power and Strength - Where does your help come from? What gives you strength? How often do you draw on your source of strength and power? This question is actually a very personal one. Take your time to think about it.

I wish you much success! Krystal

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