Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's a New Day & It is Good!

One of the illusions of life is that the present hour
is not the critical, decisive hour. Write it on your heart that
every day is the best day of the year.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We can begin each new day with a new attitude. No matter what happens or how our days might start off, remember that it is a new day and it is good! It is good to wake up to new mercies every morning. It is good to be alive. It is good to have within our power the choice to make today a better day.

Whether we realize it or not, we start out each new day wanting it to be a good day. No one wakes up saying, I want to have a miserable day today. I do not want to be happy today. I just want to get by. Happiness is truly an individual experience. What makes us happy is not necessarily what makes other people happy. One person might choose to be happy on a cold, rainy day that cancelled his outdoor plans while another person in the same situation might decide it is going to be a bad day. A promotion at work can lead one person to choose to be happy about the news while another might focus on the pressures and anxieties it can cause. An unexpected pregnancy can be happy news to one person and upsetting to another. Some people need a good reason to be happy, while others are simply happy to be alive.

We do not always understand others needs for happiness or for a better life, but we all share a common goal: We all want to be happy. We all want to enjoy our lives and live it successfully and with purpose. If happiness is important to us and something we value, then we can be truly happy. It is a matter of choosing the ways of happiness in our thoughts, actions, and attitudes, and, putting them into practice.

Wishing you true happiness today & each new day,


This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.
~Psalm 118:24

Be Happy 4 Life
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Practice Happiness & Love Every Day

Did you know that practicing happiness & love has many benefits?

Practice Happiness & Love and...

(1) You will be more optimistic and have a good attitude

No matter what the situation, there is always more than one way to look at things. It all depends on where we focus our attention and what our expectations are. This will determine our attitude towards a matter or towards life in general. Truly happy people tend to be optimistic and hopeful. Their outlook is often positive, and they expect things to work out. They are resilient and cope well with life stressors and challenges. They spend time reflecting on reasons they have to be thankful. Happy people have a good attitude.

(2) You will have more confidence and better self-esteem

In order to be confident in who we are, we must be sure of ourselves. That means we believe in ourselves, and don’t need to prove anything to anyone. When we’re sure of ourselves, we are humble and respectful of others. We are more accepting of them, because we accept and like ourselves.

Truly happy people like and accept themselves. They recognize their strengths and work on building them. Their weaknesses don’t keep them from trying new things and moving forward. They are assertive, and they’re not afraid of being rejected for being who they are. Happy people are confident and have a good self-image.

(3) You will have more fun and enjoy things more

Life is fun when we take pleasure in it. Whether it’s in our work, rest, or play, we can discover fun awaiting us. Some fun is found in humor, accomplishment, laughter, entertainment, or simple gratification. If we make time for fun, life will be much less complicated and much more enjoyable.

Truly happy people know how to enjoy themselves. They can find humor and amusement in simple, everyday things. They don't always take everything so seriously, but laugh more often, even at themselves, when they get a chance. Happy people have fun and enjoy things more.

(4) You will be healthier both physically and mentally

Research continues to confirm that our bodies and minds are closely connected. Unhealthy bodies have decreased mental energy and lower moods. Healthy bodies have increased motivation, endurance, and energy. We have one body to live in while here on earth. With proper care, it will function at its best and keep us healthy and happy. Truly happy people take good care of their minds and bodies. They realize that the way they care for themselves will be evident in how they feel and look. They have respect and gratitude for their bodies so they avoid what is harmful and do what is good for them. Happy people take proper care of their health.

(5) You will have more love in your life and more fulfilling relationships

We can’t live a happy and satisfying life without love. And we can’t love life without loving people which includes loving ourselves as well. Life is all about loving and being loved. That is why relationships are so precious and valuable. They provide us endless opportunities to experience and express love without which we would never know true happiness

Truly happy people love others. They enjoy expressing their love with kindness, giving, and sharing. They connect with people and love to socialize. They are caring and loving towards others. They are accepting and forgiving of themselves and others. Happy people experience more love in their lives and have more satisfying relationships.

(6) You will have an inner peace that can’t be easily shaken

If we know eternal, abiding peace, life’s storms and challenges won’t hinder or frighten us. Come what may, there’s a place of security and calm for the one who has inner peace.

Truly happy people can release their burdens and cares. They know their limitations, and accept what they cannot control. They don’t give in to fear, but conquer it instead. They take time to reflect and take in the beauty around them. Happy people experience inner peace.

(7) You will live your life with purpose and meaning

We’ve all been given one life to live, and deep inside of us is a desire to live it with meaning and purpose. Ultimately, we decide what we are going to do with our lives. Our journeys will lead us into a life of meaning and purpose depending on which paths we choose to follow.

Truly happy people have vision for their lives. They believe they have a calling to fulfill. They like to use their gifts and talents to contribute to something bigger than themselves. They often see themselves as conquerors and winners. Happy people live with purpose.

(8) You will grow in wisdom and make better choices

If we want to become wise, we must learn how to apply our knowledge in the best possible ways. When all of our knowledge and learning helps us to make good choices, and keeps us humble and willing to learn more, we are growing in wisdom.

Truly happy people make good choices. They think ahead and consider the possible consequences to their actions. They want to gain knowledge and seek understanding. They want to learn, and are teachable and willing to listen. Happy people grow in wisdom.

From Be Happy & Prosper: Ways Happiness Prospers Us c2007

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