Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Building a Foundation for Happiness

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Building a Foundation for Happiness by Dennis Liegghio a very candid and inspirational story of survival, strength and ultimate victory in discovering life purpose, freedom and true joy. Dennis shares his story of suicidal depression, hopelessness, and self-destruction that could have claimed his life. He did not expect to live past his 25th birthday, but he is alive today to share his way to victory.

Dennis is an overcomer and living proof that no matter how painful and unfair life has treated you, it can get better. In Building a Foundation of Happiness, you will discover what Dennis has learned and put into practice for over 10 years that has changed his life. His book will take you on a journey from trauma and despair to ultimate freedom, hope and purpose. You will discover that these are the very things you can experience in your own life as well. True happiness and peace are possible. Healthy coping is something you can learn. You can improve and change your life today. And the best way to begin is to build a strong and solid foundation for happiness!

Dennis has a heart for hurting people and wants to help as many as possible.  He offers this inspiring, life-changing work Building a Foundation for Happiness as a free pdf download available here: 

We at BeHappy4Life.com and NewDayCounseling.org are blessed and honored to share this amazing resource with you from our dear friend Dennis, a wonderful person with a big heart who is doing truly amazing work to help people live empowered lives.  This latest work of his is outstanding, life-changing and very highly recommended!! 

Building a Foundation for Happiness
by Dennis Liegghio


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